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Overdose Prevention Sites Vancouver


Overdose Prevention Sites or Supervised Consumption Sites operate under exemptions from federal drug laws and allow clients to use illicit drugs without persecution. Overdose prevention sites are staffed by nurses, peers, and outreach staff who are ready to respond in the case of an overdose and can offer fentanyl screening of a client’s drug before use. They are also amazing resources for support and referral to other services. There has never been an overdose death at an overdose prevention site.

There are multiple OPS sites and supervised consumption sites in the Vancouver region, including:

  • Thomus Donaghy Ops 1101 Seymour Street 11am – 10:30pm Every Day
  • Mobile Ops Van East 8th Ave Off Commercial Drive 1pm – 7pm Every Day Ops
  • Inhalation Tent 99 West Pender Street 12pm – 9pm Monday 8am – 9pm Tuesday-Friday
  • Ops 390 Columbia Street 12pm – 9pm Monday 8am – 9pm Tuesday-Friday
  • Insite 139 East Hastings 9am – 2am Every Day
  • Molson 166 East Hastings (Alley) 7am – 10:30pm Every Day **Open 24 Hours Tue/Wed/Thu Of Cheque Week**
  • Vandu 380 East Hastings 10am – 9:30pm Every Day Except Thursday
  • Powell Street Getaway 450 East Hastings 9am – 8:30pm Every Day
  • Hope To Health 611 Powell Street 9am – 6pm Every Day
  • Sisterspace 135 Dunlevy Avenue **Women Only** 6pm – 12pm (18 Hrs) Every Day
  • Sister Square Inhalation Tent Jackson & Powell **Women Only** 24/7
  • Get Your Drugs Tested 880 East Hastings Street 12pm – 8pm Every Day

Phone Apps:
If a physical OPS isn’t available or of interest digital ones
exist in the form of the Lifeguard and The Brave App
downloadable through all app stores.

  • The Lifeguard App uses an alarm/snooze method to check in with you and will call emergency medical services if you become unresponsive.
  • The Brave App connects you with a peer who can call an emergency contact of your choice or emergency services if you become unresponsive.
  • The National Overdose Response Service is a phone line that connects you with a peer volunteer who can wait on the line and call help for you if needed.
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