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Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain Pilot


Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain Pilot

What’s happening?

The Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain Pilot supports primary care providers in improving low back pain management and screening for risk of substance use, chronic pain, and mental health conditions. This will be for the general population, particularly those working in the construction, other trades, and transport sectors.

What are the Key Features?

  • The Pilot will offer free rehab care from an advanced trained physiotherapist, including teaching and self-management.
  • If needed, you will have timely access to a spine surgeon and pain specialist.
  • In addition, if required, you will be referred by your Primary Care Provider to integrated pain, substance use, and mental health services while getting care for your low back pain.

Who can take part?

  • If you reside in the Fraser Health Region, have persistent low back pain and/or related symptoms that are not improving 6 weeks to 12 months from onset, or;
  • You have unmanageable recurrent/episodic low back pain/or related symptoms less than 12 months post-recurrence.

Are you interested in taking part?

Ask your primary care provider if you are registered with the Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain. If not, ask them to register on the Pilot’s Website:

What if I don’t have a primary care provider?

Go to the Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain Pilot (click here) and complete the brief questionnaire to determine eligibility. This will allow you to schedule an appointment at the Metrotown Urgent & Primary Care Centre. Please note that this service is only intended for patients eligible for referral to the RAC for Low Back Pain Pilot, not for general back pain management.

Support for this Pilot

Fraser Health launched the Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain Pilot from funding support through Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addiction Program.

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