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Aug 23, 2023

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Strategies to Reduce Stigma | Exposure

Many misconceptions and stigmatizing beliefs stem from a lack of exposure to those who have personal experience with substance use challenges. To combat this, we believe exposure is the key. While providing exposure opportunities on your worksite might be challenging, we have some practical ideas to make it happen:

Guest speakers: Reach out to service providers in your community who offer peer-led awareness programs, many of which are willing to share information. Look at what may be available in your area and reach out.

Videos: When you’re unsure how to provide exposure, showing a relevant video can be a valuable substitute. Consider watching “Building Hope: Substance Use in the Trades,” produced by a Community Action Team in White Rock. This video features the experiences of four tradespeople who have faced addiction and found recovery.

Yourself: Some of us might have our own lived experiences to share. Hearing from someone we know, especially a leader on our worksites, can be incredibly impactful. It shows that you understand, support, and are willing to discuss these issues. However, remember to be mindful of what you feel comfortable sharing, ensuring it remains a safe and supportive environment