Strategies to Reduce Stigma Around Substance Use

Jul 25, 2023

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Strategies to Reduce Stigma Around Substance Use

Stigma can be a formidable obstacle when it comes to seeking support for problematic substance use, especially in safety-sensitive industries like construction and trades. The fear of discrimination, dehumanizing labels, and potential job loss can deter individuals from seeking help, resulting in dangerous consequences.

Stigma manifests in different ways, and it’s crucial to recognize its various forms to address it effectively. Personal stigma involves holding stigmatizing attitudes about others, while perceived stigma refers to believing that others hold negative views. On the other hand, self-stigma occurs when individuals internalize negative beliefs about themselves. Additionally, structural stigma arises from workplace policies and cultural norms that restrict resources for those facing substance use challenges.

While dismantling stigma may seem daunting, it is within our power to make a positive change. The Tailgate Toolkit suggests five strategies to reduce stigma in the workplace:

  • Reflection
  • Education
  • Exposure
  • Communication
  • Action