The Tailgate Toolkit Project is an innovative program aimed at increasing access to harm reduction services and ideas for those working in the construction industry. Funding for the Tailgate Toolkit is provided by the Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions, The Canadian Mental Health Association (BC Divison), and the Community Action Initiative

After successful partnerships with Island Health in 2017 & 2021, the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) is excited to expand its harm reduction program provincially under The Tailgate Toolkit brand.

There are several brand assets and materials available for partners, supporters, and participating employers to download and utilize in promoting the program and implementing it within their organization.

These assets include, but are not limited to, logos, banners, images, and posters. To ensure the integrity and reputation of the Tailgate Toolkit brand and to protect its brand, please adhere to the following guidelines when downloading and using any and all of the available Tailgate Toolkit assets.

Permissible Use:

  • All identified assets, including the Tailgate Toolkit logo, available for download on the Tailgate Toolkit website can be downloaded and used digitally or reproduced in print as often as is required by program partners and supporters.
  • Any reference to the program must link back to the official Tailgate Toolkit website at www.thetailgatetoolkit.ca
  • No part of the Tailgate Toolkit logo or any Tailgate Toolkit assets can be modified or repackaged.
  • No part of the Tailgate Toolkit logo or any Tailgate Toolkit assets can be used for any commercial purpose or sold by any organizations without written permission from the Vancouver Island Construction Association.