Welcome to the Northern B.C. Resource Guide. Below you will find resources available to you and your company. 

Northern B.C.

Resource Packages

Let’s work together to make a healthier, safer industry. Below you will find resources to help you address substance use, mental health, pain management and more — at no cost to you. 


Resource Guides for Northern B.C.

Here you find regionally-specific guides and resources for communities across Northern B.C. These resources are available to order/download at no cost. Email colby@vicabc.ca for more information.


Your Local Support

Through the resources and supports listed below, you’ll find publically accessible support and services through the local health authority and community organizations.


Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan

The Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan (CIRP) was founded in the...


Hammer Time

The life of a construction worker isn’t for everyone, and...


Mental Health & Substance Use – Online Resources

Through our network of program supporters and partners, we have...


Chronic Pain

Being injured, in pain, and off work can be extremely...


Indigenous Specific Resources

Hope for Wellness Help Line offers immediate mental health counselling...



The Toolbox Talk

The Toolbox Talk is an introductory conversation about substance use, mental health, the current toxic drug supply, and what harm reduction/recovery services are available in each region of the Province.

30-45 minutes long. It can be delivered with a slideshow, or solely discussion-based, either in person at your site or via Zoom.

There is no cost to participate in the Toolbox Talk, and we’d be happy to travel to your site or office.


Thursday 7-8pm via zoom

Hammer Time

Hammer Time is a fully anonymous, social support group (there’s no religious component, it’s not a 12 step program, and you don’t have to be sober to participate) being delivered in a partnership between the Tailgate Toolkit and the Umbrella Society.

Hammer Time happens on Zoom every Thursday from 7-8 PM and is facilitated by 2 Umbrella Society staff who have lived experience of working in the construction industry and substance use.


Gear up for safety

Resource Toolkit:
Build Safety Together.

From posters to brochures, everything you need is just a click away. Completely free of charge.